Will Park

Will Park


  • USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Certification


Former high school football standout turned running back coach for Harker High School, Will comes to us with a great athletic background.  Part of our original Summer Program, Will quickly stood out as a gifted weightlifter with tremendous potential in the sport.  Since joining Standard Strength, Will has improved his Snatch over 50kg and recently jerked 150kg from the blocks.  Wanting to soak in as much knowledge and give back to the gym, Will took his USAW Level 1 course last year and has been coaching several classes a week since.  

Will is also a founding member of the “Bakery Boys” a group of our youngest and most promising lifters at Standard Strength.  We have high expectations and hopes for him in the next few years and should be seeing him compete on a National stage very soon.

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