Kaleo Cornwell

Kaleo Cornwell


  • Level 1 Crossfit Certification
  • USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Certificate
  • USAW Level 2 Advanced Sports Performance Certificate
  • USAW National Coach Certificate
  • Eleiko International Strength Coach Level 1 Certificate
  • 2019 Masters Worldcup Silver Medalist
  • 2017 American Open Series 1 Masters Gold Medalist


Kaleo comes from a long history of coaching in his family.  His Dad was a highschool football coach, track coach, and basketball coach in Snohomish, Washington.  His grandfather was a basketball coach for Western Washington University.  Sports have been a major influence on his life early on all the way through highschool and college athletics.  

Kaleo was introduced to Crossfit in 2010 and was immediately drawn to the sport of fitness and even more to the barbell and olympic lifting (“weightlifting”).  He spent the last 7 years training and working with California Strength, learning from one of the best in the business, Dave Spitz.  Kaleo has now developed and coached athletes from the ground up, all the way to the National stage and continues to produce high level weightlifters.  He is also the Masters Head Coach for California Strength’s Online programming.  

Kaleo’s goal, and the goal of Standard Strength, is to provide the local community with an opportunity to stave off chronic disease through fitness and healthy lifestyle changes.  Kaleo also has the goal for Standard Strength to continue to spread the knowledge of weightlifting to as many people as possible and hopefully develop a podium contending national team year in and year out.

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